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4/28/08 First trackday of the season @ Dijon-Prenois! The CPR is the organisor and I beat again my best lap time: 1'32''19 on the renewed piste. My "Citronelle" works very well and the Michelin tires are definitely a good choice.
4/21/08 The Gruyère Racing Team welcomes me as an official pilot for 2008! The team is amazing, full of god will for this new season and I become in parallel the new webmaster of their internet site that I started to redesign...
4/20/08 At last! I finally get my Citronelle back. She's really healthy and I missed her a lot. So much sensation in this track car without compromise and full of positives vibrations! Next track day @ Dijon April 27th.
4/4/08 Its very first time on a track! Eventually it's a '81 911 SC that joins my Citronelle and helps me pass the Swiss pilot licence @ Hockenheim. Even if that's not the best model for the track, it's anyway a lot of pleasure to drive!
3/18/08 My 9th Porsche! My N/GT being under surgery, my sweetheart missing Porsche and because I also need a 911 for family trips, a second one joins the garage. I'll use it to pass the pilot licence at Hockenheim in a week from now...
3/10/08 What a shame! Bad news about my engine since during the annual checkup just before season starts, Miguel discovers a piece of valve spring when dumping the oil, engine needs to be opened. More news to be coming soon...
2/10/08 Celebration! Here is a temporary '08 calendar  with the ambition to achieve "real" races this season, one session of the Swiss Porsche Sports Cup and one session of the Roscar (Club 911 IDF). A brand new challenge for me.

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